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About Crimson Island

Welcome to the Crimson Island SW:TOR Guild Website..

Crimson Island was formed in 2003 during the beta phase of Star Wars: Galaxies and is one of only three Guilds I know of on the Ahazi server to survive from launch to close. We also had Guild branches in City of Heroes & Villains, World of Warcraft, DC Universe Online, and various members of our Guild have played numerous other MMOs.

Our core membership is made up of approximately 15 people who have been playing online games together for six years or more. We come from a variety of backgrounds in all time zones in the United States and have a number of long-time Canadian members. Our core group is all over 18 but we don’t restrict membership based on age.

We have a long history of PVP in SWG that will continue in TOR, and we intend to join a PVE server so we can do it “casually” as we choose, and not have it forced upon us. We love high level end game content as well as teaming up to complete quests, and our Guild has a proud tradition of quality crafters.

Our primary recruiting tactic is to be as helpful as possible to all players. Our philosophy is that all great gamers were just starting at some point, and it took the help and advice of an experienced veteran to get them where they are. We’ll always drop everything to help a Guildmate in need, whatever the situation.

We all have families, jobs, school, lives, whatever, and approach gaming as something to do for fun. We never take it too seriously and always try to enjoy what we’re doing and the people we are playing with, while at the same time, we recognize that because we are so busy in our lives, we all have to make the most of the recreation time we have. Our tolerance is very low for drama, dishonesty, griefing, immaturity, or anything else that might ruin our “play time.” We are looking for mature players of the same mind who want a fun, casual, relaxed environment.

Our primary play times are evenings and weekends in the United States and Canada. Our initial focus will be on the Republic side of the line, but we fully intend to play the Dark Side storylines down the road. We have used Ventrillo servers in the past and plan to again.



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